New Casino Bonus Forum our sister site has launched a new casino bonus forum. What’s impressive about the forums is that even though it is a brand new casino forum, it’s very modern and up to date where many forums seem dated with older software. The forums are mobile friendly and features a lot less clutter that you might find with other forums where everything but the kitchen sink is stuffed inside.
Asking Questions on a casino forum
At CBG they setup a section for players to post any question on specific casino bonuses. It is a section that is encouraging players to be vocal and active so they can ask the questions they need to know about choosing a casino, learning how to play and deposit and asking questions that others probably want to hear the answers to.

Aside from the forums, players can expect casino bonuses from because it has been around since 2005 and established itself as one of the top casino bonus portals around and that is the main focus of their site.

Back to the forums, players might be wondering where are all the categories? For the time being, CBG has a limited number of categories to focus on casinos, slots, casino bonuses and questions and answers. The goal of the forum is to keep things as uncluttered as possible and if players really need to find something they are looking for, the search feature should do all of that for you. There are no banners to compete with, not a large number of categories to get lost in, just a simple interface with the right number of categories a casino player simply needs.

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