Guide to Casino Bonuses

If you decided to claim every casino’s signup bonus to the maximum bonus amount, you would probably be claiming over $100K worth of bonuses if not more. If you narrow that focus down to about 50 to 100 reputable casinos, it’s less money but still a lot none the less with the average casino dishing out the equivalent of $500 in bonus money to entice you to become a player at their casino. Player’s have a lot of choice which normally is a good thing but it is up to a player to understand which casinos are reputable and which bonuses are worth claiming. Player’s must understand a casino’s terms and conditions plus their promotional terms and conditions. There is at least one casino that does all of this work for you which is

Online Casinos vs Land Based Casinos

When online casinos first hit the scene 20 years ago, they had to compete with land based casinos and win the trust of players to even think about playing online which today we don’t think twice about. Online casinos needed to offer casino bonuses to get players to signup. Sure enough sites like casino-on-net and Intercasino started to sprout up and of course they offered big signup deposit bonuses to convince players to join. Now players are constantly swarmed by various offers from casinos on a near daily basis.

Casino Bonuses by Categories

There are a lot of casino bonuses to choose from by type.

● Signup bonuses
● Monthly bonuses
● Free Spins
● No Deposit Bonuses
● Cashback
● Reload
● Free Play

The standard bonuses that players will see at any casino is usually a signup bonus, free spins or a no deposit bonus. The worst type of bonus out there is the free play, it just sucks so if you see a casino offering it then just skip it and stick to the rest.

Free Spins Bonuses

Free spins bonuses are probably the most popular bonus around.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses, or ND in short, these bonuses used to be the most popular but have faded recently. Despite that, they are still a sought after bonus as the name implies you don’t need to deposit but start with real money. In fact players can collect over $5000 in no deposit bonuses which can be done across 58 different casinos.

The Fine Print: Terms & Conditions

Nobody likes to read terms and conditions but you’ll always want to know if the games you are wagering on will count towards the wagering requirements. It is highly recommended that before you cashout if you have won from bonus money, just ask live chat if you are eligible for a cashout and if not, keep wagering. If you stick to websites like they’ll highlight the wagering terms and which games are eligible. Overall most bonuses are eligible for slots but for table games like blackjack or video poker games, often the bonuses will be different or they will count for a fraction of the normal wagering requirements.

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